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Factory Forecasting is a collective of Designers, Forecasters and Product Developers providing bespoke fashion direction and design solutions.

Our combined skill set enables a 'cradle to grave' industry overview to inform all aspects of your product lifestyle management. As working forecasters, designers and creative directors our unparalleled insight and industry knowledge offers expertise, experience and advice on all or any part of your working processes from:

• Brand Strategy - analysis of new product opportunity, marketing positioning and growth potential.

• Forecasting - providing bespoke, edited and applied trend solutions.

• Collection Design - range planning through colour, fabric and print selection and development, garment design and specifications as well as proto development.

• Sourcing - production and sourcing advice from commercial trade events through to European production advice and factory sourcing.

Working directly with your team or as a separate consulting unit, we give focused, targeted insight and expertise with flexible working solutions customised and market specific to you and your customers needs.

Please contact us to see how we can partner with your design team to produce clear, concise and commercial trend, design and development solutions.

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