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Using Psychological Theories, Concepts and Studies to Forecast Market Shifts and Consumer Behaviour in the Fashion and Trend Industries

Fashion Psychology identifies the macro trends and cultural shifts and applies psychological theories and research to analyse how these will influence customers and the fashion marketplace. This scientific approach means fashion psychology sits between consumer research and fashion forecasting for a more accurate understanding of trend direction. By understanding the consumer and the various factors impacting their choices, your brand direction, product development and marketing strategies can be specifically aligned to existing customers or adapted to reflect potential markets.

Please click below to see examples of the analysis we provide and to understand the research process and benefits of psychographic consumer profiling.


Is Neurodiversity the Next Frontier in Inclusivity?

Tools and techniques to ensure your business is Neurodiverse Friendly, instore and online


Psychographic Data

Developing, analysing and implementing psychographic research


Updating Nostalgia

Outlining the new moderators on nostalgia marketing. Why different consumers need different approaches

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