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Three areas of trend intelligence matched to your creative teams working cycle, range planning and in-house design processes.


Our Product Direction reports are where we kick-start your range-planning with intelligence designed to highlight the important silhouettes key for each of your buying categories. By highlighting not only the trend and directional items but also the colour, fabric and print updates necessary for your core items, we ensure commercial relevance across your entire product range.





The Catwalk Analysis is where Factory Forecasting comes into its own. Since 2006 we have pioneered a Fast Fashion Trend Service producing quick-response intelligence and analysis for key players in this field. Our incredibly fast, accurate analysis of the seasonal, resort and pre-collections cut through the noise and hype of the catwalk season to establish the key messages relevant to your customer.

Our Seasonal Stories set the key moods for the season, working across all product categories they analyse the key mood, colour, fabric and print direction for all of your store drops across a 6 month selling season.



Please click on the buttons below to access sample presentations of our Seasonal Stories, Product Directions and Catwalk Analysis.

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